Ham Radio Licensing Exam Schedule


examWe are excited to announce our club schedule for amateur radio licensing exams:

  • 04/14/2018 | London KY 40741-2202

    Sponsor: Southeast Kentucky ARC
    Location: Laurel Cty Emer Operations Ctr
    Time: 1:00 PM (Walk-ins allowed)
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  • 06/09/2018 | London KY 40741-2202

    Sponsor: Southeast Kentucky ARC
    Location: Laurel Cty Emer Operations Ctr
    Time: 9:00 AM (Walk-ins allowed)
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  • 08/11/2018 | London KY 40741-2202

    Sponsor: Southeast Kentucky ARC
    Location: Laurel Cty Emer Operations Ctr
    Time: 1:00 PM (Walk-ins allowed)
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  • 12/08/2018 | London KY 40741-2202

    Sponsor: Southeast Kentucky ARC
    Location: Laurel Cty Emer Operations Ctr
    Time: 1:00 PM (Walk-ins allowed)
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CANCELED: Club participation in Winter Field Day

636205151745494156-canceledDue to limited availability of club members to participate, it has been decided to *cancel* the CLUB portion of the Winter Field Day participation at the EOC. Members are encouraged to participate individually from home in the larger Winter Field Day exercises.

Club Simplex and Winter Field Day

polar-bear22-jpgOn January 27, 2018, we will be participating in a Club Simplex Day and Winter Field Day.

Club Simplex Day will be January 27, 2018, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Club members are encouraged to attempt as many contacts between club members and with any other ham radio operators in the ARES District 11 counties.  These contacts are to be made on simplex only. No repeater contacts will be accepted. Certificates will be issued for the following categories:

  • Most contacts
  • Greatest distance UHF
  • Greatest distance VHF
  • Greatest distance HF

Recommended frequencies are:

  • 2 m FM: 146.550 MHz (+/- 10 kHz)
  • 70 cm FM: 446.500 MHz (+/- 10 kHz)
  • 1.25 m FM: 223.500 MHz (+/- 10 kHz)
  • 20 m USB: 14.240 MHz (+/- 10 kHz)
  • 40 m LSB: 7.190 MHz (+/- 10 kHz)
  • 80 m LSB: 3.818 MHz (+/- 10 kHz)

Logs of contacts (with a separate note on your furthest contacts in each band to qualify for a distance award) are to be submitted to Bruce Cory, KM4VHI@arrl.net, by February 1, 2018. Logs must include date, time, frequency, contact, and a signal report. They can be as simple as a typed e-mail or as complex as a Cabrillo log file.

Winter Field Day will take place at the Laurel County Emergency Operations Center (168 Substation St., London, KY) from 2:00 pm January 27 through 2:00 pm January 28. Club members are to bring their own equipment (radios, power supplies, tuners, antennas, coax) and set up in an outbuilding on the Laurel County EOC campus between noon and 2:00 pm. The building is heated and does have commercial power, but members are encouraged to try “alternate/non-commercial power” set ups if possible. We will be operating under a common call sign and submitting our club log to the Winter Field Day Association. Information on Winter Field Day can be found on the Winter Field Day website at http://www.winterfieldday.com

If you are unable to bring your own equipment, please feel free to come and participate. We can share radio equipment!

Club dues due!

e6014e6e-9ccd-48df-8a3e-2d674341d462As we begin the new club year, it is time to pay club dues. Club dues are $25, payable to acting treasurer and club secretary Brian Davidson, KO4DOG. To be considered a “current member,” dues must be paid by the February 10 meeting.

Dec. 9 Amateur Radio Exam

examThe Southeast Kentucky Amateur Radio Club, with the assistance of members from the Mountain Amateur Radio Club (Bell Co.) and Lake Cumberland Amateur Radio Association (Somerset), is holding an amateur radio license exam session on Dec. 9 at 9:00 am. This exam session will take place at the Laurel County Emergency Operations Center, 168 Substation St., in London.

This is a good opportunity to earn or upgrade a license! Please share this opportunity widely!

Advanced registration is appreciated, but walk-ins are also welcome, pending sufficient space availability. To register, please use the contact form on the club website at https://sekyarc.wordpress.com



Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

The Southeast Kentucky Amateur Radio Club (SEKARC) in London is registered for the Great Shake-Out Earthquake Drill this Thursday, 10/19 at 10:19 am! JOIN US in practicing Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Go to www.ShakeOut.org to learn more and to register.

As participants in this event, SEKARC and KY ARES District 11 will conduct an ARES exercise net immediately after the drill. This net will be held on the KG4LKY Pilot Mountain repeater on 146.925 MHz (-) PL 79.7 Hz with the KE4GJG Raccoon Mountain repeater on 147.180 MHz (+) PL 74.4 Hz as our back-up net frequency. Additional links to these repeaters through All-Star, IRLP and/or Echolink may be available. All amateur radio operators in the listening area are invited and encouraged to check-in and participate in this exercise.

For more information about SEKARC go to https://sekyarc.wordpress.com or checkout their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/102764330339281/.


Joseph Warren – KB9LXH
Assistant District Emergency Coordinator
KY ARES District 11 – Region 5
E:mail: kb9lxh@arrl.net
Cell/Text: (502) 785-8942

Serving and supporting Amateur Radio Emergency Service groups in
Bell, Clay, Jackson, Knox, Laurel, McCreary, Rockcastle and Whitley counties